🐾First Steps

Install a compatible Starknet Wallet: Braavos or Argent X

Add Starknet Goerli 2 network

Get ETH Goerli 2

  • faucet : no faucet

  • Ask in the Discord

Mint Faucet Tokens

  • Make sure you are connected to goerli 2 and connect wallet

  • Once connected, click on Faucet button in the toolbar

  • Either you mint those you want either you can directly mint all of them

Mint Pass

  • If you are interested in testing the borrow feature, you need to mint a pass, only available if you are whitelisted. Come talk in the Discord and we'll probably give you one!

Once transactions are confirmed, head to your portofolio and you should see tokens

The portofolio page gather all the information about you:

  • Tokens

  • Pool tokens

  • Drips holdings

  • Stings collateral

  • Analytics (PNL, performances)

  • History (to keep a track of your actions)

  • Your affiliation rewards, if you are taking avantage of referrals or managing strategies that are used by other users.

  • Your Pass to access borrowing module

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