Morphine Docs
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Core Contracts

Morphine 0.1 -


Registery contract stores deployed contract addresses, it is owned by the admin, allowed to set new address for a dependency.

Oracle Transit

Oracle Transit contract stores price feed source from allowed tokens and provides conversion functions between 2 Tokens

Derivative PriceFeed

Derivative PriceFeed contract provides pricefeed for special token like ERC4626 or LP and returns underling token(s).


Orale Contract is the pricefeed provider, Morphine is currently using Empiric.

Container Factory

Container Factory contract deploys a container contract if requested by the different borrow modules. Used container are recycled to save gas.


Container contract is the user account, storing collaterals, assets (in case of undercollateralized borrow) and borrow parameters. The container can perform calls if requested by the borrow module manager.

Insurance Pool

Insurance Pool contracts receives all platform fees as pool tokens, and burn LP in case of loss to protect suppliers from eventual losses.


Strategy is a NFT representing an index of tokens. Strategist can create, manage and montetize strategies


Pool contract is an ERC4626 token providing rewards to the suppliers, paid by the borrowers.


Pool configurator contract is in charge of managing pools, add borrow module for exemple

Interest Rate model

The interest rate model is calculated from an external contract, so it can be upgraded if needed. Currently, the linear interest rate model is used.